Thursday, May 14, 2009

Make it bigger?

So I brought in balloons for my students today. Then I had them say, "Make it bigger! Or Make it smaller!" They had so much fun and so did I! I love teaching them!!

Needless to say we had a lot of fun in class this week!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Chinese hospital experience.

JoEll and I wanted to make tuna melts... bond had provided tofu for lunch.... sick! Anyway, I am ridiculous and of course I happened to spill a bunch of the HOT HOT oil onto my left hand. I was on my lunch break in between teaching classes so I had to come up with something to stop the pain. I ended up wrapping my hand in a moist paper towel and sticking it in a bag of water. So there I was teaching the children with my hand in a bag of water.. kinda interesting. Then the Chinese provided me with some sweet burn ointment and it stopped burning! It kind of numbed it I think. Well by the next day my hand had swollen and developed a giant blister.. which made it difficult to move and I was worried something would pop it! (FYI i slept with my hand in a plastic baggy so the burn ointmint wouldn't get all over!) Anyway, JoEll and I researched oil burns and decided I probably should go to the hospital in case of infection.. so I did!

So here is me registering at the Chinese Hospital.

Align Center
An up close look at the nasty blister...

The Chinese doctor checking out my hand..

Explaining he's got to drain the blister.. luckily I had Nicole and Mike to translate..

And here it is.. all bandaged up!

And here is the video of the Chinese operation..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Proof of the rat's death.

This is the actual killing of the rat! It's pretty intense so if you scare easily- don't watch!

Wo ai ni! Means I love you!!!

The students love their teacher!

I LOVE my children!

Here are some of the children that I teach! I will see each one once a week. I wish I could spend more time teaching them, but there are so many!!!

I brought the glasses and they loved putting them on!

How cute are they??
I love them!

Her name is Roxy!

One day i puffed up my cheeks and popped them.. and now some of them do this every time they see me!

This is Autumn.. she is precious!

And her name is Lily!! I want to bring her home!

This is Monica. Every time I see her I remember I named her after a FRIENDS character.. but I always forget which one. luckily she can remind me. Her name is Monica!

His name is "Weston!" He is one of my FAVORITES!

Here is Joey! She's very smart!

Here's one of my 3rd grade classes!
His name is Jose.. but we spelled it out Hosay! haha

Here is Aggie and Sally! So cute!

And little Caitlin!

We eat, we sing, we strip, and we kill- rats!!!

So yesterday was a very, VERY eventful day! It started out with just some web chatting with the loved ones from back home.. and it ended with the death of an unsuspecting rat!

After the web chatting Mike and I went to the supermarket to buy the most American food we could find. Jilly, our Chinese assistant teacher had cooked us a Chinese meal a few weeks prior and we had decided we wanted to return the favor.
Here we are with the entire meal! We made all kinds of sandwiches.. pb and j, bp and bananas, bp and honey, pb and cheese! and grilled cheese.. her favorite was grilled cheese!

She was very particular about the placement of the peanut butter and the bananas.. haha

These are bomb! Jelly drinks!

But these are my fav! Four circle ice cream bars!!!! MMMMMM!

So Jilly had a coupon for karaoke..aka KTV. So we went!!

Mike, of course, got really into it! Especially during, "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.

It really is quite fun! The Chinese love to sing! haha

So for FHE we decided to play some "Strip" poker. So we got on multiple layers of clothes... even though it was incredibly hot and humid!

We decided to take multiple pictures at random parts during the game.... so here we are with obviously less clothes.. i'd like to point out that Brad looks like the naked guy in the corner.. he seemed doomed at the beggining but our lovely Emily scored herself the spot of the first loser of the night.

This was after Em got out.. and we are looking like more clothes are coming off!

Here is the winners circle! Jace won, then me and then JoEll.
And here are the losers!

And finally... here was what we did after FHE. Jace used the only butched knife we have and destroyed the nasty rat.

Look at all the bloood!! Oh man... so for those who are interested I do have a video of the entire Rat killing experience.... my favorite part is when all the girls were screaming bloody murder and about 5 of our Asian neighbors came running to our help.. and there was Jace standing there with the butcher knife and a dead rat..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Circus de Guangzhou

So we visited the circus while we were in Guangzhou.. actually that was the main reason for going. And it was AMAZING! But pictures cannot describe how great it really was so i'm posting some videos! Still much better in person.. but it was fun!

They did a lot of variations of this.. but it was really cool to see them work together and have one fly off.

This was AMAZING! These guys are crazy!!!

Again examples of their craziness... if you cant tell they bring out jump robes.. and then later (not shown) they had blind folds on and kept doing more and more insane things!!!

This is where all the animals came out and walked in a circle. It's kinda sad.. but they are cute!!

So this is what the toilet(bathroom) is like at the circus. On one side of it there are squaters and the other side has the "western toilets". This was the bathroom i used and i looked up and saw that behind me was just open. So i guess you could walk behind all the toilets and just see people going to the bathroom.. kinda weird...

Here is me and Em! We went and got ice cream before the show and found a "circus freak" preparing. So we stopped and took a picture with her!. Anyway, the circus was AMAZING!! i loved it and i'm so glad i was able to go!!